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Postby Yellowgear » Fri Mar 16, 2018 10:54 am

Good morning! I'm the current mover for the new Jeep club in Oak Harbor, the Whidbey Wranglers. We've met once with a second meeting scheduled for this Saturday. I was referred to you folks by Gary at Walker Valley so we can get together for public service projects or just to go wheeling. I drive a 1990 Wrangler YJ base model with a soft top, air lockers in both diffs, and winch points for either the front or back. I've got a set of sliders going on shortly, too. I'm reluctant to lift it, as my aged body finds it difficult to get in or out of it all ready! I'm a retired Navy guy with some time on my hands and trails to play on, so I'm looking forward to getting my club on the move and playing with you folks, as well! My first vehicle was a 1941 Ford model MB Jeep with the original 4 banger and 3 speed. It cost me $75 bucks and a short yearling Hereford calf in 1964. I did some crazy things with that old rig and never got into anything my chain drive come-along, chain saw, ax, shovel and length of chain couldn't get me out of! I did some serious ridge running in north Idaho around my home town of St. Maries. It's good to be wheeling and I look forward to playing with you folks! Bob
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